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Phone:  214.377.3700
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Information technology (IT) is the backbone both of how businesses manage operations and how they ensure good internal communication. IT can give your business an edge over the competition if your systems and operations provide the data to help management take advantage of market opportunities.

As independent consultants with significant experience in helping clients choose and implement IT software packages for areas like accounting, enterprise resource planning(ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and point of sale (POS) systems. We do not re-sell software ensuring our goal is to help our clients make the best decisions when choosing these systems. We also find areas of improvement for existing software along with determining the strength of a client’s security approach.

Software Selection Services:

We have a flexible multi-phase approach for leading the enterprise software selection process:

  • Identifying what the client needs through roundtable discussions and analysis
  • Developing and distributing requests for information or proposal
  • Coordinating demonstrations by vendors
  • Selecting finalists and negotiating contracts
Implementation Services:

In addition to helping clients decide on the best IT systems, we also manage the process of implementing the systems to ensure everything is done on time and on budget. Our implementation services include:

  • Overseeing the software re-seller’s team
  • Maintaining and issuing weekly status reports and project timelines
  • Developing flow charts of new workflows
  • Designing and scheduling training programs for managers and end users
  • Monitoring the loading of master files and transactions
  • Documenting requirements for modifying systems, and creating budgeting and forecasting templates, new reports and management dashboards