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Phone:  214.377.3700
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A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a business partner and strategist for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CFO develops and implements growth initiatives; develops financing strategies; assist in product positioning; consults on capacity and marketing pricing decisions; negotiates contracts; designs compensation plans, and manages the financial and accounting functions to ensure financial reports are accurate and meaningful.

Our team of CFOs goes beyond compliance work, joining forces with the CEO and investors to help improve cash flow and enhance the long-term value of the business. Whether times are good or bad, CFO Advisory Services provides the tools and people for our clients to be successful.

Some companies simply need a strong controller rather than a CFO. Other times, a knowledgeable bookkeeper is what is necessary. CFO Advisory Services recognizes that no two business situations are the same, and we tailor our offerings for each unique client.

Services for start-up companies:
  • Preparing for and leading fundraising efforts, including doing accurate reporting and realistic projections of the company’s current and future finances
  • Using a broad scope of contacts to choose the best advisors early in the company’s life cycle, such as lawyers, CPA’s, tax accountants and bankers
  • Consulting on matters of corporate governance and formations of boards and advisory committees
Services for later-stage businesses:
  • Maximizing cash flow for the short and long term by using hands-on management and forecasting tools
  • Organizing management and leading growth initiatives
  • Researching and implementing financial benchmarks from the client’s industry, a process that boosts the value of the business
  • Capital planning
  • Helping clients strategically maneuver through the challenges and opportunities of economic booms and busts